Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Buying some Mums

     While driving north of town, on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, I saw a lawn full of pumpkins and cornstalks that were for sale.  I decided it was time to decorate our house and our Main Street Inn.
When I pulled into the driveway, the yard was full of people.  There were people taking pictures of kids and pumpkins, babies and pumpkins, teens and pumpkins, etc.  So, you get the picture.  Only one small problem.  There didn't seem to be a person selling the pumpkins.  So, after about 10 minutes, people all started looking around and saying things like "Do you work here?" "Should we just put money in that bucket?"  

     At last, a young man came out from the house and he looked so surprised.  He couldn't believe all the people standing around.  He helped a couple of the families and I could see that he was going to be busy for awhile and so I told him I would be back with a truck to haul my stuff home.

     When I got back fifteen minutes later, the rush was over.  He and I were laughing about the crowd that he did not expect to see when he came out from eating his lunch.  He helped me carry four pumpkins, and a corn stalk bunch.  This should have added up to $16.50, so I gave him a $20.

     We got everything loaded into the truck and I got my change from him.  As I was climbing into the truck, I noticed he gave me $15 back.  Oh no......what to do.......  drive away.....or get back out of the truck and be honest and tell him about his mistake.  Well, I went with the honesty.  I got out of the truck, walked across the lawn and said "I think you gave me too much change.  I gave you a $20 bill."  He smiled at me and said "No I didn't.  Have a great day!"
     Isn't that so cool?  I drove out of his driveway with a BIG smile on my face and felt good!  As I headed home, I spotted another yard with beautiful Mums for sale. So, I stopped.  The Mums were three for $10 and since I had money left over, I bought three.  The Mums were beautiful!  I brought one home, one to the Inn and then I decided to give the last pot of Mums to my Mum.  She loved them!!! 

     I am sure that young man that gave me such a deal on my decorations had no idea that it would enable me to stop and buy those gorgeous flowers.  But, for some reason, he decided to make my day a little bit brighter.  And that he did!

     So, when was the last time you made someone's day a little bit brighter?